Women’s journeys through entrepreneurship in the tourism industry.
This project has received funding from the European Union’s Horizon 2020 research and innovation program under grant agreement No WomENT DLV-792738.

University of Surrey
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O1. To analyse women’s pathways in tourism entrepreneurship

– Systematic review & Narrative review & Bibliometric review
– Mixed methods empirical analyses.

  • Quantitative analysis – online questionnaire to evaluate latent and nascent tourism entrepreneurship among female and male university students.
  • Qualitative analysis. In-depth interviews to evaluate established entrepreneurs and provide insights into diverse personal experiences.
O2. Develop evidence-based policy and practice recommendations to foster women’s entrepreneurship in tourism

– In-depth interviews with an initial set of experts in tourism and entrepreneurship, drawn from leading organizations such as World Tourism Organisation (WTO), ILO, CEHAT, SEGITTUR, IOH and British Hospitality Association.
– co-research & Co-production Recommendations

O3. Promotion of the culture of entrepreneurship among women in the tourism industry

– Identification of gendered social media communication practices
– Online / Offline communication actions